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Trump travel ban could prevent United States hosting World Cup

Fifa’s president Gianni Infantino says qualifiers for World Cups need access to the host country, casting doubt on the US’s ability to be part of a bid for the 2026 tournament given

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NecotheSergal1294d ago

Theguardian is Fake News - this is retarded. The extreme vetting is Temporary for starters, and they're saying it'd still cause problems in 2026? It's the year 2017 - this is also granted, if everything goes smoothly for Trump and staff - then he 'may' win again in 2020 if in good health, even then, he likely wouldn't do more than 8 years max, too old. (78 by then). This moron, insinuating that the travel ban of the 'Now' would still be in affect in 2026 proves how incompetent he is of keeping up to news, but this will be eaten up by Liberals as 'another reason why his actions are bad' when there's too many flaws, huge slippery slope fallacies.

PapaBop1293d ago

The Guardian is fake news? It's one of the most reputable news sources in the UK, which isn't really saying much but to try and discredit them is laughable.

PapaBop1293d ago

I know, he could have at least referred to it as "alternative news"

1293d ago
annoyedgamer1293d ago

The world cup would never be hosted in the USA anyways, they are too busy using SLAVE labor in Qatar while lining their pockets with shady money.

S2Killinit1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

It was already hosted in the U.S. In 94.