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Bizarre Cristiano Ronaldo bust unveiled as Portugal star has airport named after him

Cristiano Ronaldo has had an airport named after him in Madeira, but the bust of the Real Madrid star that was presented has come under criticism.

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-Mezzo-1917d ago

That is horrible, how is it possible that from all the people that saw it before the official Unveiling didn't say 'WTF IS That'.

KingPin1916d ago

its a shame when negative comments ruin an incredible occasion.
shouldve just had a 3d scan done, followed by a 3d print, made a mold and made the bust from that.

2017, who needs lame artists that half ass their work. looks like the homework a kid hands in thats done night before even though he had 3 weeks to do it.

SarcasticDuck1916d ago

At least we're sure it's "Made in Portugal".