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Thierry Henry doesn’t know who’s in charge at Arsenal

Arsenal’s power structure is the subject of some confusion and much debate and it seems even the club’s greatest ever player is baffled.

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-Mezzo-1493d ago

You and everyone else Henry, no one has any idea whats going on or whats going to happen, it's quiet pathetic TBH. Future plans should have been made clear by now.

SniperControl1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Wenger not sharing his decision about his future is making things worse, i'am pretty sure the board and players know but he needs to tell the fans, the negatively in the stands needs to stop as it's affecting the team on the pitch, just look at the muted celebrations from the team and fans when we scored both our goals.
I'd like to thank Wenger for all he has done, but it's time he went. The club will always be bigger than any one person.

KingPin1492d ago

arsenal are in the biggest mess i've seen them in a long time.
wenger needs to go for sure. he is literally killing the club.