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Celtic players serenade Kolo Toure after Scottish title win

Celtic burst into the chant of "Kolo, Kolo" in honour of Kolo Toure after their 5-0 win over Hearts secures the league title.

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sonicwrecks2365d ago

2Unlimited are rolling over in their graves, and they aren't even dead.

-Mezzo-2365d ago

I should really start following Scottish League as well.

But as an Arsenal fan, i don't let myself get close to other teams, my heart can only hurt so much.

sonicwrecks2365d ago

Always a number of twisting stories going on and some much underrated football as well.

There's some staples of a year though: the Old Firm of course, Celtic and Rangers now reunited after Rangers' recovery up the football league after their Juventus-style banishment to the lower leagues. (With Rangers now always on the bring of financial collapse.) There's always a plucky little club that's made it into the Premier League doing either horrendously or astonishingly well, there's the one non-Glasgow club that challenges but never quite makes it but damn it you wish one of them could and half the cities have two teams so fierce rivalries everywhere.

2363d ago