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Fifa world rankings: Northern Ireland climb nine places

Northern Ireland climb nine places to 26th in Fifa's world rankings, while Brazil go top for the first time in seven years.

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sonicwrecks1908d ago

Good for N.I., they deserve that for all their hard work.

@Mezzo: Another tag to fix mate, Northern Ireland's been misspelt forever! :)

-Mezzo-1906d ago

They are getting good fast compared to some other National teams.

( I can't fix the old Tags yet, I can add new one's but was thinking to not make anymore mess of the tags by adding news one's and just wait it out until i can fix the old error'ed Tags. Thank you so much for constantly bringing these to attention :D )

Germany71906d ago

Northern Ireland >>>> England.

sonicwrecks1906d ago

At the moment, arguably true!

KingPin1906d ago

good news for Northern Ireland but i still think that the fifa ranking system is broken.
Brazil first even though they haven't won an international tournament in over a decade.
Argentina second over a team that beat them in the world cup finals.
Columbia fifth....really?