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Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he feels like Benjamin Button: 'I was born old and I will die young!'

Zlatan Ibrahimovic likened himself to Benjamin Button after the Man Utd forward turned in another man-of-the-match display in his side's vital 3-0 win at Sunderland on Sunday.

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-Mezzo-1902d ago

He has proven me wrong, very wrong, i really expected him to fail in Premiere League. He's good wherever he goes.

razorman1901d ago

I din't expect him to fail but yeah I thought he'd struggle but he's proved us all wrong. Good for him.

KingPin1902d ago

The only reason he is doing great in the EPL now is because thats just how much the standard has dropped over the years.
if he was 35 and came to the EPL in the 90s, he wouldn't even be a starter.

but ay, as long as he is doing well for manchester united, i dont think any fans mind.