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Borussia Dortmund football team bus hit by explosion

Explosion hits bus carrying Borussia Dortmund team to Champions League match, injuring player Marc Bartra, club says.

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-Mezzo-1903d ago

I really hope Bartra didn't suffer any major Injuries, i looked all over the web just now and couldn't find any proper news regarding his health.

F**k These Terrorists.

KingPin1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

you'll be glad to know in a statement released by the club that no players have been injured.

but yeah, sports and politics should be kept as far away from one another as possible.

ok, so this article popped up. seems like he'll be fine

annoyedgamer1903d ago (Edited 1903d ago )

Germany may as well be annexed by the Caliphate at this point. ISIS is operating with impunity across Germany and the EU.

Imalwaysright1902d ago

Who told you it was ISIS? Also we've been winning the war. ISIS latest attacks in Europe were not bombings which means that ISIS no longer has the resources and technology they once had.

annoyedgamer1902d ago

Thats an optimistic way of looking at it. The more realistic view is thst semi trucks are more practical and rack up a higher death toll.

windblowsagain1902d ago

Was this the religion of peace.

Ryuujinjakka1902d ago long as you do what they say.

2pacalypsenow1902d ago

Religion of peace that allow women to be beat to death if they don't obey...

-Mezzo-1902d ago

I just did the hardest FacePalm of all time at that comment, please educate yourself and then only go on the internet to share something like that, don't let internet be you prime source of knowledge.

I'm am a Muslim myself and live in Kuwait, Women are absolutely free to do as they please.

What you just said is a cultural problem at best is some Muslim countries.

sonicwrecks1902d ago

Of course leaping to the conclusion of that is just what the likes of ISIS want.

The beds for away fans thing is wonderful. Well done Dortmund,

neoragex1902d ago

yes, that was very classy of them.