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The Real Madrid-supporting dog that hates Barcelona and Pique

We all know that Barcelona and Real Madrid fans tend towards the intense when supporting their teams, but the same goes for their pets

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-Mezzo-1680d ago

The dog an i have something similar, hate for Pique. Lok


ramos is the best defender and pique is a dog that barks only on twitter and is nothing on the field. what he can do is just take help from referees and wn the matches.

KTF261679d ago

cry more baby
but the obvious thing is Ramos always want to see the red colour specially in El Clásico

people like you even if the opposition kill barca players and the referee didn't do anything they'll think he's with barca

the Red card was straight Red no doubt about it
Casemiro deserve a second yellow card in the first half and he didn't get it
the assistant referee gave Madrid 4 gifts from 4 clear offsides but the players didn't score


Bruh you barca fans!
First of all ramos red card was wrong and i do'nt need to prove that barca always needs referees to win the match and were brutally smashed by juventus in their last match. btw ayetkin was punished for helping barca and you can't deny that fact. clear penalty for ronaldo was seen but was not given.
real madrid is the club of the century and barca still need referees lol.
Though well played messi and we will be playing ucl finals and barca will be watching it on their tv sets for sure!

KTF261679d ago

Don't ask Barca fans
Ask Marca about the Red, Casemiro, Marcello and the Penalty

Did you forgot the assistant referee who gave you the equalizer in the UCL final last year from clear offside?
and a lot of winner goals this year came from offsides
it's just this time they didn't score from 4 gifts from the assistant referee

Cry even more
people like you will forget everything about football once C. Ronaldo retire because you don't know anything about football

1679d ago