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World Cup: Maradona on Argentina without Messi

Argentina great Diego Maradona doubts whether his nation can qualify for the 2018 World Cup with Lionel Messi suspended.

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Germany71483d ago

I think that Argentina will qualify, but don't expect them to win the tournament.

KTF261483d ago

They can
They have very good team even without Messi
it depends on the new Manager

the last Manager was very bad much much worst than Gerardo Manrino and even worst than Maradona
if they can hire Sabella again

Germany71482d ago

I agree with you, they have great players and it could be the best national team, but they need a great manager first.

1483d ago
1483d ago
KingPin1481d ago

if Argentina don't qualify for the world cup, what will the messi fans do while the world cup is happening?

-Mezzo-1481d ago

Cheer for Ronaldo and Portugal. Lol

KingPin1481d ago

LMAO - that'll be the start of world peace.