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Highlights: Manchester City 0 - 0 Manchester United ( Premier League, 27th April 2017 )

The Game Ended In A Draw.

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-Mezzo-1471d ago

Fellani got baited so easily, like it was his first time playing a Football match.

A yellow and a red card within 20 seconds for him.

windblowsagain1471d ago

Thanks city and utd.

Nice Arsenal finishing in top 4. sweet ahahahhahahaha

ProjectVulcan1471d ago

Not happening. Spurs will tonk Arsenal this weekend and finish off their chances for good

-Mezzo-1471d ago

LOL, Arsenal will win bro.

b163o11471d ago

Arsenal are finished bro, give it up....

silvacrest1471d ago

The most boring derby i've seen in a while, Fellani losing it at the end was the highlight of the match

KingPin1471d ago

guess the only winners last night was liverpool.
they hanging on for dear life to that 4th spot.