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Energía universal: how Pochettino has driven the Tottenham revolution

The guiding power behind Mauricio Pochettino and his team’s high-octane style has a spiritual dimension that has transformed a mentally weak side into title chasers

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Germany71443d ago

Pochettino is a great coach and it's really cool to watch Tottenham games.

1442d ago
KingPin1442d ago

its nice to see coaches do well with limited funds.
makes rich clubs look a bit silly at times.

-Mezzo-1442d ago

Very well said, i hate it when clubs try to buy the league's, seeing such examples where a club rises despite having limited fund is just a joy.

But in the long run i don't see Pochettino/Spurs managing to keep hold of their star players like Harry Kane & Alli, they will be tempted by big salary offers.