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Monaco 0-2 Juventus

Gonzalo Higuain scores twice as a confident Juventus win to take control of their Champions League semi-final with Monaco.

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Germany72571d ago

Juventus has a great defense. even Monaco couldn't beat them.
Great match of Higuain too, with two assistances of Dani Alves.

KingPin2571d ago

this isn't the monaco that got to the semi finals.
i mean last night they couldn't even string more than 7-8 passes together. Seriously, you dont get to a semi final of a champions league with passing like what we seen last night. and whats worse, its not like they were losing the ball hopelessly in juves 18 box where space is tight, they were losing it on the half way line with poor ball control and wayward passes. lets hope in the next leg the real monaco of 2017 comes out and it isn't too late for them.

with all that said, take nothing away from juve, they had a game plan to which worked out for them. should they and real madrid make it to the final, it would be interesting to watch the attack of madrid go against the defence of juve.