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Gianluigi Buffon: I want people to be sad when I quit

Gianluigi Buffon says his motivation is to continue proving he belongs at the highest level and wants people to be sad when he eventually retires.

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KingPin2044d ago (Edited 2044d ago )

there is absolutely no doubt that a lot of people will be sad when he leaves.
it would be an end of an era. if you think about it, he is the last man standing from the 90s greats of zidane, brazil ronaldo, del piero, Shevchenko, Larsson etc etc.

edit: man, just thinking about the legends of past showed what a high quality of football they had in itallian league. it was crazy. although every big team had world class players which is what made the champions league tough as nails.

-Mezzo-2044d ago

One of the very few Players and actually respect, not just like or enjoy their style but actually respect.

He spent his career with a lot of Character, and I really, really respect that.