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Diego Maradona: Argentina legend appointed head coach of UAE's Al-Fujairah

Argentina legend Diego Maradona is appointed head coach of Al-Fujairah FC, the United Arab Emirates second-tier club say.

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Germany72041d ago

He is a legend as a player, but he is not a good coach.
But the folks who hired him probably don't care about that.

-Mezzo-2041d ago

This will not benefit them at all, their teams consist of Rich snobs who do this give a Damn and are only in the team be of a Strong Dad or Relative.

Trust me on that, I know that.

mafiahajeri2041d ago

WTF are you on about, so what if they're rich? You sound bitter af

A7la shay strong dad xD WTF does that even mean...

-Mezzo-2041d ago

It's not helping the game to grow in the Region now is it, it might actually be preventing that, which is the reason behind my Bitterness.

After all these years, where exactly is our region in the Football scene, we can afford everything but still we are dead last compared to almost all the other leagues in the world and that depresses me and leads me to believe that the reason we're so far behind is that there is just no Motivation for Players here to do better.