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Highlights: Southampton 0 - 2 Arsenal ( Premier League, May 10th 2017 )

0-1 Sanchez (60')
0-2 Giroud (83')

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-Mezzo-1721d ago

Ramsey was simply Awesome, the guy deserves to be a First Team regular.

windblowsagain1721d ago

Are you kidding me. Ramsey lost the ball so many times, has bad touch. Only thing he did was header the ball to giroud.

I want Ramsey gone. Along with many others.

Team needs a rebuilt.

Made hard work of that game.

Sahil1721d ago (Edited 1721d ago )

Gotta win the WestHam game or we're doomed.

-Mezzo-1721d ago

Yup, Liverpool cannot afford anymore slip ups.

But not to worry too much, this is Arsenal we'll F* it all up somehow. 😁

Sahil1720d ago

and we are Liverpool, we'll somehow manage to f this up.

2pacalypsenow1721d ago

What a beautiful goal by Alexis