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'Maradona is immortal here' – Napoli fans 30 years after winning their first Scudetto

On 11 May 1987, Napoli became the first team from southern Italy to win Serie A. We spoke to fans, artists and writers about the man who made it happen

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Germany72533d ago

♫You put your left hand in, left hand out
In and out, in and out, shake it all about
You do the Maradona and you turn around
And that's what it's all about
Oh Diego Maradona!
Oh Diego Maradona!
Oh Diego Maradona!
Diego put the English out, out, out!!!♫

KingPin2533d ago

its a shame how some people let one goal define him.
But i guess thats the power of the media, they bash him because of that till today.

Germany72532d ago

I don't shame him at all, for me he is great.