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Jose Mourinho should sign Eric Dier ahead of Matic for Manchester United

Jose Mourinho may have already spent £100 million this summer, but he is not happy. There is still one key ingredient missing from his Manchester United team and it is proving far harder to secure than a centre-back or striker. The Special One is in dire need – excuse the pun – of a special midfielder, a player to link the defence and attack and provide much-needed balance to a side that often looked disjointed last season.

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-Mezzo-1331d ago

I agree with this completely, Eric Dier could prove more fruitful signing.

PapaBop1331d ago

Dier has always impressed me as a player but it's a waste trying to deal with Spurs, only way Utd will be signing him is if they pay over double what he's worth, just look at how much Levy fleeced City for Walker.

KingPin1331d ago

100% agree
tottenham place ridiculous prices on their players, players have have no accolades to show for going for much more than they worth. i know, you cant win titles with at smaller clubs, fair enough, but if they so confident that X player is so great why not add in a clause that if said player wins titles, tottenham get added fees. clubs are known to do that before so its nothing new.

but if you can milk a rich club, why not right....