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Ryan Atkin: Being first openly gay official is 'significant' for football

Becoming the first openly gay professional official in English football is a "significant" moment for the sport, says Ryan Atkin.

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KingPin1739d ago

not to sound insenstive or anything here but why.....
why do some gay people feel the need to make their accomplishments being known simply because of their sexual orientation. are we not all equal?
im not talking about just about gay/straight, same thing goes for race and gender. like "first black man" first women" etc etc. i mean come on....if they achieved it in the 40s/50s/60s when there was real oppression against them then yeah, id applaud it but nowadays they all have it easier so its no surprise for them to make it.

Stringerbell1739d ago

Its in the context of sports which is still very 'macho.' Plus gay liberation movements did not win their struggle by simply being meek and quiet. They had to be loud and assert their sexuality. Many retired athletes who have come out pretty much share the same sentiment, that they never felt comfortable sharing who they are in such an environment. Encouraging acts like this helps other people who are gay to be comfortable with themselves, since sometimes it can feel the world is rather hostile to them.

Shaun2k51738d ago

So why hasn't any footballer come out as openly gay, while still playing?

ger23961739d ago

Why is it important to know he's gay? I'm not watching the game and saying " he's gay, good for him".

Shaun2k51738d ago

Because fans insist on using gay slurs as "banter". Because not one footballer has come out as gay, while playing, for fear of fans backlash.

Because it's 2017 and this has to be news. Because in 2017, we're still playing "hide the gay" while pretending football is all inclusive. It is not, and that is why this is news.

PapaBop1738d ago

In an ideal world, this would be a non story, nobody would really care and move on. The reality though, he's going to get a LOT of abuse from fans for it.. not because they are homophobic but because he is different. It'd be 10x worse if it was an actual player too to the point where his own teammates would be poking fun of him, that's football culture in England and just the way it is.. no bad stories, no PC crowd no nothing is going to change that.