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Bayern Munich coach Carlo Ancelotti rubbishes Chinese Super League rumours, calling them a 'joke'

Carlo Ancelotti preferred to field serious questions on Bayern Munich's Champions League match with Anderlecht after dismissing CSL links.

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KingPin2440d ago

spending millions doesnt make your league superior in any way.
CSL over-paying massively for average players does indeed make the league a joke.

Sahil2440d ago

TBF they did get 40m for Paulinho, so they aren't that big of a joke.

KingPin2439d ago

but the question is, is paulinho worth 40mil or was that more of a panic buy on barcas part because they were running out of time to sign coutinho.

how much are they paying oscar and the other "stars" they brought to china compared to the rest of the european leagues and what major throphies are those stars competing for, for that type of money? when you factor in all this, it may be good business for china but from a professional footballing standpoint, it makes no sense.