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The Complete FIFA 18 Guide: Ratings, Ultimate Team, Switch & more

In our comprehensive FIFA 18 guide, we break down exactly what to expect from the new game: Player Ratings, Pre-Orders, Frostbite, and more.

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KingPin1830d ago

Fifa is simply an update pack at this point.
FIFA is only noticeable when one buys it every 3-4 years.
what pisses me off the most though is EAs business practices.
i mean even when EA themselves confirm its only an update pack as is the case with the ps3/x360 versions, they still charging the same price as the ps4 version. A much superior version by far with regards to having the newer engine and the journey mode. now surely leaving this out of the ps3 version would mean the ps3 version would automatically be cheaper, but nope. EA out to screw gamers as usual.