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Inter Milan to bid for Arsenal captain Fabregas as "gift" for Mourinho

Italian newspaper Corriere dello Sport reports today that Inter Milan president Massimo Moratti is desperate to sign Arsenal captain Cesc Fabegas as a “gift” to ensure Jose Mourinho stays as coach of the Nerazzurri.

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zico5098d ago

Inter can offer him as much as they can, but Fabregas will never play in Italy. He`s playing for Real Madrid or Barca next season!

crazyturkey5098d ago (Edited 5098d ago )

I doubt that Arsenal are ready to sell him. Just to keep him they'll probably ask for too much money so that all other teams back off him, at least for another season, until Arsene Wenger can find someone else to replace him. Maybe Real will dish out 60 mil just to move ahead of Barca.

zico5097d ago

I think Fabregas wants to go back to Spanish La Liga, like Alonso did last year. He belongs there, not in English football. Fabregas is going to play well for Spain in world cup..I`m sure, and Barca or Real have enough money to buy his skills.

Shadow Flare5096d ago

If you believe the media, you'll believe anything. Fabregas has said he wants to stay at Arsenal next year, Arsenal want him to stay, he's staying. If you're expecting him to leave you're going to be disappointed