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Watch out World Cup, 'Dynamite' Drogba is ready to explode!

Dynamite. Every great player needs a nickname, and this is the one I am picking for the formidable Chelsea and Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba.

He made the headlines for good and bad reasons after an explosive performance in Chelsea’s 8-0 drubbing of Wigan Athletic during Sunday's season-finale in London.

Good, because his superb second-half hat-trick, which sealed his top-scorer status in the English Premier League, helped his side become champions for the first time since 2006. And bad, because his temper tantrum - which erupted after his request to take a penalty was rebuffed by his teammate Frank Lampard - showed his all-too-often criticized petulant manner.

Let’s start with the latter. Many pundits have damned the reigning African footballer of the year for his childish attitude, so let me be the first to defend the fiery forward.

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donb5042d ago

He is big and scores goal. Still he is the most feminin player in the world of soccer. He reminds me of a little, spoild girl, crying to the referees for evry litle thing. He lays more down on the field, crying for something than he actually plays football. BARBIE must be a more suited nickname for our feminin-fellow.

Maradona5042d ago

agree donb. Chelsea matches is only 80 minutes, because Drogba is down all the time.

20legend5041d ago

one of the best, but will The Elephants will progress from the group stage? I have my doubts, too many players that don't what it takes and they don't have a man to actually give Drogba the ball, but I hope I'm wrong! Good luck to the Ivory Coast, their group is one of the toughest ones...