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Ibra put on the market

The market goes no cash left and the club is not able to let go any opportunity. After the league, the coaching staff has already identified priorities when dealing with the restructuring of the workforce from 2010 to 2011. (Google translate)

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BjornarO5028d ago

He will stay atleast one more season.

J8M7G5028d ago

He is wasting his talent at Barca because he has a different style of football that doesn't fit in, also he slows Barca down.

Arild5027d ago

Plus I think it doesn't fit Zlatan to play with a player who gets more press and attention than himself. He needs to be the star, and he gets more and more unsure of himself as he is in Messi's shadow.

Arild5027d ago

GOtta love the translation though.... "The market goes no cash left" hæ hæ hæ