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World Cup blow for South Africa as foreign fans stay at home

The World Cup is set to be a major financial disappointment for the host nation South Africa, after it became clear that international fans have decided to stay away and their tickets are being sold cheaply to South Africans.

Less than three weeks before kick-off on 11 June, South Africa's revamped airports and spruced-up cities are staging an impressive show of readiness for the arrival of international fans – although now it seems there may be half a million fewer than expected.

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donb5143d ago

I think football fans all over are charged to much. It is almost impossible for regualar workers to follow their team to the big events. Matches are to expensive, an the Hotel prices are out of limit. Even camping is to expensive during the championships.

sokrates5143d ago

I must say, I agree that the fans are the loosers. but, problem is the players we love also want more and more money. The clubs pay them, and we pay the clubs by following our teams. The WC is a diferent story. Its a big event aboraod. I am happy to watch it on TV.

BjornarO5143d ago

Yes agree.

And same thing will also happen in Brasil 2014.

crazyturkey5142d ago (Edited 5142d ago )

2-too expensive to go.

I hope that in Brazil they do something about it, especially safety, I've heard Crime is rampant in Brazil.