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Diego Maradona dissatisfied with South African toilets

Argentina manager Diego Maradona has asked the authorities to install two new bidet toilets for him at the team's 2010 World Cup training base in South Africa. The people in charge were then asked to carry out an emergency remodelling of the legendary forward's bathroom to make the necessary changes to meet his "high standards".

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Arild5136d ago

Somehow I think this will be the first of many off-field news about Maradone during this WC... It will be interesting to follow, I do not think the pressure of a WC is something he can cope with as a manager.

darkmurder5135d ago

Probably not clean enough for him to snort coke off.

sokrates5136d ago

Maradona has bad experiences with WC during his career... That must be the answer for his complains. The WCs he used as a Kid in Buenos Aires, for sure more simple than the ones in South Africa.

donb5136d ago

Did Maradona loose his mind? Complaining of bathrooms is not a thing to do when you are a guest in a WC. Does he really believe it when we call him "god"?

sokrates5136d ago

It is typical big stars for poor areas. They are the first to complain when they do sucsess, about things which is absolutely non sence. Bad attitude!

Leio5136d ago

Dam! even his opinions on toilet become news these so call journalist must be real desperate :/

sokrates5136d ago

Good point you have there, Leio. Big guy says small things, and suddenly its big news:)

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