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WORLD CUP 2010: Sportsmail's complete fixture guide to the finals in South Africa

Sportsmail brings you a comprehensive guide to all the fixtures at the 2010 World Cup, complete with dates, venues and those important kick-off times.

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Maradona5021d ago

a lot of cool games. June will be a good month.

Rowland5021d ago

July will be better, at least for England...

BjornarO5021d ago

yeah. Just find the couch and be ready in front of the tv.

sokrates5021d ago

The WC is made to watch in public parks, bars and with a lot of people. Its a whole month of football party. Cant watch it from the couch!!!

donb5021d ago

I would love to do what you are saying, but please remember not evrybody has an oportunity to do what you are saying. I prefere the couch than no world cup. Heard about kids? and wifes working? Unfortently they dont dissapair during the world cup:(

BjornarO5021d ago

you have point there DonB

sokrates5021d ago

1 month, evry 4th year. Just plan it, and you will be free. Take the dishes some months before, buy flowers, send them to paradise place with 5 stars hotel. This is something you cant miss!

zico5021d ago

Give me a 4 (or more) beers and a pizza.....This is gonna be a great summer!