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Fergie has £95m to spend

DAVID GILL has told Manchester United's protesting fans: Stop moaning, we've got £95million to spend.
Many of the Old Trafford faithful have become disillusioned with the debt-laden ownership of the unpopular Glazer family.

And the American family put another nail in the coffin of the takeover bid by the Red Knights consortium last night by insisting there are no plans to sell up.

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TheJack5067d ago

Do they need that much ?

sokrates5067d ago (Edited 5067d ago )

United has a good team with strong players. I think they will win with the actual squad next season. But the Glazers: Need to Kick them out!

megacardo5067d ago

Man Utd might win their national league, but in the CL they have no chances against the Spanish teams. If they should have a chance, money cant buy the players they need!

TheJack5067d ago

Guess you are a bit naive, mister MegaCardo. Money buys evrything in football. The kid from Everton is the only one you cant buy- at the moment. I guess next year he is sold too. United will buy, and they will buy the best.

donb5067d ago

Who is the best? I guess United will have big dificulties buying the best players. They are good at raising unborn stars. Dont need billions, as real and chelsea to make a strong team.

RedDevils5067d ago (Edited 5067d ago )

we have lots of youngsters, all we need is more play time for them to shine, btw we made stars, beside buying players like berbatov and veron, that the worse investment ever at least is not worser than Chelsea buying Shevchenko, he is a completed Flop in PL


that just load of crap, Rooney going next year lol, if he going to Spain I have a feeling he end up like owen and that is a nightmare for England and to the fans, btw UK players usually doesn't perform well there even Beckham is playing crap compare to him when he at United

TheJack5067d ago (Edited 5067d ago )

Not talking about Rooney, but the new kid from Everton, that didnt wanna leave Everton for United. Red about it here, on 11x2. I think THAT kid is the only exception.

vhero5060d ago (Edited 5060d ago )

Money does buy everything at the end of the day look at Chelsea they are a perfect example of how money buys success. Manchester City are next up the ladder :)

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Towers5067d ago

Lets be honest the Spanish teams didn't exactly perform brilliantly this CL. In fact I truly believe United would have got to the final if they hadn't of lost to Bayern in the last minutes of that game.
Real Madrid played terrible despite the amount of money that was spent, Barca fared better but still disappointed.

Red-Ossy5066d ago

In Spain they have two teams, and that`s a lot of fun!!
It`s enough to follow the Spanish league for two games and then you can tell who is winning the league...
Like that guy Wenger said: "it`s too much of a gap down to third place in the Spanish league"
Most of the players go to Spanish league because they like sunny weather and their no-good-girlfreids say they want to go shopping underwear instead of jackets and pants!!!