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Mourinho Looking To Swap Kaka For Chelsea Pair Lampard And Cole - Report

Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is looking to bring Frank Lampard and Ashley Cole with him to Real Madrid and could offer Kaka in exchange for the England stars.

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donb5018d ago

Mourinho selling Kaka is a sign of a defensive and boring Real Madrid next season...

kingdavid5018d ago

No sht. Its the only way he knows how.

Mind you, he wins.

sokrates5018d ago

He has made good results in other clubs. Reminds you that Real is a hard club to coach. I hope he will use his excellent squad to play nice football- if his going to be ultra defensive I hope he will fail!!!

Leio5018d ago

His primary goal is to defeat Barca and Inter just proved ultra defensive and fast attack works best.
Now with Ronaldo´s speed and Higuan's effectivity he´ll have even better forwards than what he had with Inter Barca is gonna be in big trouble if they dont play their cards right.

RedDevils5017d ago (Edited 5017d ago )

I don't think he'll play too much of defensive mind in madrid, yes he need to tighten up at the back where madrid is lack this season and loosing games.

Btw If you see when he at Inter, Inter have just two good Strikers that can be a threat to the oppositions, Inter strongest was the defense, so in his tactic he used that to his advantage, whereas Real Madrid have a strong and dozen of strikers that are capable of opening up dead lock, so I think Mourinho might use that to his advantage and in other hands strengthening the back, so it can be hard to crack and be deadly up front

megacardo5018d ago

Mourinho has only one way to play, and thats what you call ultra defensive. No fun at all. But he wins.

zico5018d ago

He`s the best coach in the world. No doubt!

Allelujah005017d ago

If Mourinho wants all these Chelsea Players; Lampard, A. Cole, Drogba. Why doesn't he just come back to Chelsea? He's trying to make Real Madrid into Chelsea, by 2012 he would have had the full Chelsea roster.