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110° Summer Shopping: Who Should Real Madrid Buy?

Every summer almost every footballer on the planet will be inextricably linked to Real Madrid at some point. It’s no different this time around and, if anything, the rumour mill has been forced into hyper-drive.

As one of the most successful managers in the game, Jose Mourinho, prepares to take over the Santiago Bernabeu coaching hot-seat, every world class superstar not in a Barcelona shirt has been rumoured to be on his way to Los Blancos.

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The Hunter5016d ago

I find they should buy nobody! To many Debt and they have enough great players.. Otherwise they should look at their youth, like Barcelona do! Mourinho will always be succesfull with any team. So no, work first on your debts!

BjornarO5016d ago

Dont buy, just make a system to follow. Thats the big difference between Real and Barca.