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Controversial World Cup ball defended by developer

LONDON (AFP) - Stars from England, Brazil and Italy have joined forces to criticise the controversial new ball to be used in the World Cup, but the developer insists there will be no cause for concern once the tournament gets underway in South Africa.

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BjornarO5015d ago

The ball is good enough. Just big stars who must complain for nothing.

bomboclaat_gamer5014d ago

what a stupid comment
have u tried it?

sokrates5015d ago

I have never tried it, but saw a videotape on the sportsmagazine. I understand why they reclame. Why make a new ball, with new skills - diferent from what they are trained for. I find it stupid!

BjornarO5015d ago

this is like this every world cup. This is not a any news.

donb5015d ago

ALL balls are different. One to another. I have tried it, i am not an profesional, but still. Its moving a bit strange on shots and long passes. Thats about it. It seems fine to me.

megacardo5015d ago

Why should they cry over a good ball. I guess they are right: frustration is the right answer, that why they complain- but I am sure they ahve a reason!

Leio5015d ago

Many teams complained so there are obviously issues with the ball.. I dont get the point of making a ball that noticeable different.