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‘Italy Are Too Old’ - Former Paraguay GoalKeeper Luis Chilavert

Can Italy be considered among the favourites for this summer’s World Cup? 'Probably not' is the answer of many who consider the current Azzurri a distant relative of the group that stood on top of the world back in 2006.

The line has been toed by former Paraguay goalkeeper Jose Luis Chilavert who analysed the strength of the Italians as the two sides prepare to lock horns on June 14.

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sokrates5095d ago

I dont think Italys is among the favorites, I agree witj Chilvaret, they are to old!

donb5095d ago

When it comes to the WC, you should never count ou Italy, neither Germany, Argentina and Brazil. Dont know why, but it seems like they take it to another level when it really matters.

megacardo5095d ago

Bunch of old boys teams do not have a Vm 2 do. the only thing they do is lie down crying.

Maradona5095d ago

Italy will always be among top 5. Dont play the best football,but make results.

RedDevils5095d ago

I wouldn't want them to be out of the group stage, playing dirty football is not professional, although they are the professional diver :P

The Hunter5095d ago

They are old for sure, and they are weak in the friendly matches, but I think Italy reach the quarter for sure! But they can not repeat 06!

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