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Arsenal To Demand €72 Million For Cesc Fabregas Transfer To Barcelona - Report

As reported by Marca, Premier League side Arsenal have requested that Barcelona pay at least €72 million should the Catalan giants wish to acquire former Barca youth product and current Gunners captain Cesc Fabregas.

The price tag comes on the heels of a €35m formal offer by the Blaugrana last week that was rejected by the London side. Instead, the Gunners have more than doubled the asking price, making Barca president Joan Laporta's hope of signing the young midfielder before the Catalan club's elections on June 13 a difficult task to accomplish.

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The Hunter5058d ago (Edited 5058d ago )

This suprise me! This is Barcelona, right? I feel like Arsenal dealing with Real Madrid.. From 35 mil to 72 mil is to many! Wow, Barcelona making a lost on Fabregas, as they had him in the youth and then he transfered to Arsenal for 3 mil..

darkmurder5058d ago

Haha Arsene needs that money

Leio5057d ago

They must be dreamin' or just dont want to let him leave take your pick :)

bjhamblin085057d ago

Arsenal have every right to raise that cause he is still on contract for 4-5yrs maybe in a years time it will be better but every top class player goes out with that kind of price next their face !

I hope he is a gooner for a bit longer