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Rooney Curses Ref

England striker Wayne Rooney's behaviour on the pitch has once again come into question after cursing out referee Jeff Selogilwe in the Three Lions’ final World Cup warm-up game.

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Jack_325064d ago

The referee was awful, he booked anyone who asked how their 'foul' was indeed a foul. He also gave a stupid penalty, Johnson beats a player to a header so he goes down.

This story has taken it out of proportion, the referee was poor all round.

sokrates5064d ago

Didnt watch the game, but must say, I ahve seen Rooney doing strange things before. No doubt he has sayd something stupid again. But I might be wrong in this one.

donb5064d ago

Normally I would disagree with you, blaming the referee. But in this proper Match, I totally agree with you. This is nothing to make a story about.

karim5064d ago

Haha loved when a the debut he was dissapointed then says rooney apologised and gave him a shirt.Stupid news :P