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South Africans seek vital win on uprising anniversary

PRETORIA, South Africa (AFP) - On the anniversary of the Soweto uprising that galvanized the fight for freedom by black South Africans, the World Cup hosts will try to capture an emotional and much-needed triumph.

South Africa will face Uruguay with both teams level with Mexico and France in Group A after a pair of opening draws that have left two spots in the second round up for grabs with each team facing two more matches.

As if that tension was not enough on the host squad known as "Bafana Bafana" (The Boys), the matchup comes on Youth Day, a holiday which commemorates the 1976 Soweto tragedy where deaths touched off events that brought an end to apartheid rule in the 1990s.

"We all know what the day means for South Africans and especially for the youth," South African captain Aaron Mokoena said.

"It would be very special to win the game on the day. It is a day we all remember. It would be absolutely excellent to win on the day."

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topdawg1225001d ago

Today's game was very disappointing for the bafana. What was even more disappointing were the south african fans leaving the stadium immediately when the penalty was called. This is your nation hosting the world cup, something I don't think we'll see in Africa for a long time to be honest, and you leave so soon? Come on support your team through the whole 90, South Africa is incredibly lucky to even be in this world cup!!