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´We have nothing to lose,´ say Swiss

DURBAN, South Africa (AFP) - Switzerland have nothing to lose when they take on joint World Cup favourites Spain, Swiss defender Philippe Senderos said on the eve of Wednesday's match.

The Arsenal player, whose father is Spanish, added that his team could only hope to go out, remain solid at the back and cause a Spain team filled with talent and household names some problems.

"Spain have a good chance (of winning the World Cup), and we will try our best to be at our best. We don't have much to lose tomorrow, but Spain has lots to lose," said Senderos.

"We have to try to cause them some problems and get some points.

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Maradona5001d ago

Nothing to loose, but wont make it this time.

sokrates5001d ago

I hope swiss can surprice us all. They have a good team!

RedDevils5000d ago

Well sorry to disappointed ya Spain loose hahaaa

donb5001d ago

A stupid thing to say. They have a match to loose, witch might take them of of the WC. That means they have evrything to loose!

RedDevils5000d ago

even if they loose they don't feel embarrass and since Spain now loose they got a mountain to climb and feel feel embarrassment about it lol

20legend5000d ago

they have nothing to lose! this isn't the game the Swiss ha sto win. they can lose against Spain and still make it! a result from this game is just a bonus!

shadowraiden5000d ago

nothing to lose yet they still won against spain what a result and now spain if they dont pick them selves up could be sent home packing early.

RedDevils5000d ago

thank to them they just make my day even luckier as I won 1,000 buck :)

Mac is OK5000d ago

Lucky you, I lost some money with this...

amolang5000d ago

Ha, the Swiss didn't have a lot to lose, but they sure gained a lot from that win! Congrats to the Swiss players! You guys deserve the celebration!

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