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How Maicon joined Brazil greats Rivelino, Nelinho & Roberto Carlos - and he meant it

Samba stars have always been encouraged to try the extraordinary...

A World Cup cannot be complete without a Brazilian scoring a goal that has the rest of the globe asking: did he really mean that? So Maicon's stunning strike against North Korea was not only incredible, but somewhat reassuring.

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20legend5056d ago

he meant it! He was tired and took a shot, but he tried, that's what seperates the men from the boys! The attempt to try the impossible!

Pacman3215056d ago

I completly agree, as soon as he scored i knew he meant to shoot and not cross

Mac is OK5055d ago

He clearly meant it. Since this game I've started to think that Maicon could be the best brazilian right fullback, even over Cafu and Carlos Alberto.