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Highlights: Spain 0-1 Switzerland - Group H

Switzerland pulled off a shocking upset at the World Cup on Wednesday, beating European champion Spain 1-0 with Gelson Fernandes' second-half goal.

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amolang5060d ago

Wow, what a shocker. I've rewatched the goal a few times now and realized it was real luck for Switzerland. But boy am I happy for them!

skynidas5060d ago

Yeah, I was kind of a lucky goal.

Mac is OK5060d ago

Not only lucky goal but it was also in offside because he tries to pass it, even if it bounces off Pique, and Fernandes is slightly ahead.

sokrates5060d ago

Lucky goal, but they had another big chance. spain played to predicteble for a Swiss teams who seldom recieves goal against. anyway, Spain deserved to win!

donb5060d ago

Bad opening fior spain. But a team full of quality will go far in this WC.

RedDevils5060d ago

loose or even draw, they be out than they would expect, it would be very funny lol

sokrates5060d ago

The world Cup history for spain is the same in each tournament. They are among the favorites, then they play bad, and looses. Some time unlucky, other times just bad. Will it happen again???

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The story is too old to be commented.