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Why World Cup TV Ratings Are So Strong

Time: In the U.S., no stupid horn is slowing the World Cup ratings. Through the first weekend of the tournament, covering eight matches, ESPN and ABC averaged some 4,247,000 viewers per match, up 80% versus the first eight matches of the 2006 World Cup. Saturday's United States-England game attracted about 17.1 million viewers between ABC and Univision, the Spanish-language network (this total includes 13 million viewers on ABC, and 4.1 million on Univision). The game was the most-watched opening round World Cup broadcast ever.

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UsamaNaru4999d ago

duh ....its a megaevent what do you expect...its the world's game...the world is watching you're every move...too bad soccer has no future in Pakistan....wish there was more scope for us in it....cause i would have been the first one to jump on it...