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Eboue: Sven's brought stability

Côte d'Ivoire defender Emmanuel Eboue has praised coach Sven-Goran Eriksson for bringing stability and organisation to the side.

The Swede's more pragmatic approach was often criticised when he was in charge of England and was given even shorter shrift during his short stint at Mexico's helm.

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Harry1905084d ago

is the biggest fraud in the history of football. I can't believe how that guy still gets jobs as the manager of many prestigious teams. He's done nothing, he's won nothing and the teams he coaches usually end up in dire straits.

Leio5083d ago (Edited 5083d ago )

Lol saying he's done nothing and won nothing just prove you know nothing.
He is known for taking shitty clubs like Sampdoria, Lazio, Göteborg, ....and many more to win UEFA cup... But well poeple have short memory and you are no better than the last match :/

His worst more was taking on England but just take a look at England's performance today ? Sven was probably the best coach they ever had for a very long time....And again English press's toung can turn anything to shit :/

-Mezzo-5083d ago

I was here to say the same thing. well i agree with you now.