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World Cup 2010: England 0-0 Algeria - Nervous Three Lions freeze in tournament headlights

Princes William and Harry could provide little inspiration for England, as an uncertain first half played its way out goallessly in Cape Town this evening.

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njc4999d ago

Boring game, but I cant stand hearing english supporters booing to their own players

sokrates4999d ago

Fans need to support their team. No question. Embarrsesing watching the english supporters today

topdawg1224999d ago

They're tired of them consistently choking that's why.

moha104999d ago

"I have a dream" Martin Luther King once said. England footballfans have a dream every world cup, and sadly I had to say, the dream is not comming true! Thay are not good enough. They now showed it in two matches. Sadly, but true....

karim4999d ago

"They have a dream" but they didn't have the desire to win unlike algerie

-Mezzo-4999d ago

I will have to give it to the Algerian players, they didn't conceded any goal against the favorites of the World Cup.

I agree with *NJC* booing to the players was stupid as if the England team was in the ground all by themselves and yet weren't able to score, Algeria is a team they practice as much as England, they were trying as hard as England.

The Hunter4999d ago

Damn serious this was boring. England have great players but they dont play as a team..

sokrates4999d ago

England has been great under Capello. I think they will come back and show the opposite of what you are writing, They will play as a team!

topdawg1224999d ago

The chemistry just isn't there. Gerrard and Lampard just can't play off of each other in midfield, they're too similar

donb4999d ago

They might look better in LEGO, but England will kick back as a team

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The story is too old to be commented.