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sokrates4998d ago

The Netherlands played boring. I guess they will loose the first match in the play offs. Played just like England

Maradona4998d ago

Guess they just had a bad day at work. They win, and do their job. When they meet a better team, they will raise!

sokrates4998d ago

Well, they played well in the qualify. Know they need to get in shape, but times running out

megacardo4998d ago

I think Holland are out soon. Spain will win their next to matches. At least they play nice football. This was boring and a LUCKY goal!

donb4998d ago

I still hope for them to meet Argentina in the final. Their squad is full of top class players. They will go far, maybe even champions fo rthe first time.

BjornarO4998d ago

You forget some other teams. Guess Brazil will win. Netherlands was weak today, but they will return when it really starts.

polarbear4998d ago

Netherlands played rather weak and sloppily

skynidas4998d ago

I changed the channel when I was watching this match, extremely boring.

-Mezzo-4997d ago

Exactly, but i watched it to the final whistle.,