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Is this the worst World Cup?

Complaints have been flying in left, right and centre over the majority of the fans disappointment with the 2010 Fifa World Cup currently on-going in South Africa.

The quality of attacking football on show so far has been very poor and extremely predictable, with France and England at the forefront of slumbering performances in South Africa.

This article gives its reasons for the lackluster performances and whether fans be supportive of the teams through thick and thin.

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-Mezzo-5001d ago

I don't know about others, but i have been enjoying it so far.

Mac is OK5001d ago

Yeah, I've enjoyed several matches and I'm pretty sure Italy 90 was not better than this, nor those early World Cups that ended after 4 matches.

ALL_STAR_285001d ago

This is my second time really watching the word cup and I'm loving it. So I can't realy compare I guess.

griff5001d ago

Worst world cup is the ones held in Europe. Because I had to watch it on midnight and late for school on the next day.

kingdavid5001d ago (Edited 5001d ago )

but what? South Africa has virtually the same timezone..

For me germany was far better then south africa.

no_more_heroes5001d ago

when the biggest mismatch in World Cup history ends only 2-1 to the bigger team, ßit (its a German letter) is happening. The smaller teams have improved markedly.

albaniasoccer5001d ago

It is almost the worst world cup.