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sokrates4432d ago

argentina has chances to become champions. Maradona might be a ok coach. And messi is GREAT!

Cemperor4432d ago

Messi played OK during the match, but his performance could be a lot better. He hasn't scored a goal yet, but he has the qualities to do so. Let's see how he will perform against Mexico. Should be an interesting match.

polarbear4432d ago

Greece was playing fairly well, I'm disappointed they couldn't keep it at 1-0 for only a few more minutes

-Mezzo-4432d ago

They played great, the ball possession was Argentina 68% & Greece 32%, they were dominant thought out the game.

Though i have to give a shout out to the Goal Keeper of Greece he made some magnificent saves.

FootballZilla4432d ago

Argentina - they did what they had to do win.

Greece - They had to score but for some reason choose to not do anything, except for keeper he had passion for the team.

Messi - Some good play abot five... but heermmm three of them he could of passed it :/. If he scores its a class goal but he might miss, while if he passes theres an higher chance to score.

Good game.