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World Cup: Is There Any Way to Stop the Fakers?

Time: You might have feared the worst for Ivory Coast's Kader Keita after he dramatically fell to the ground during Sunday's group game against Brazil, that deservedly ended in a 3-1 defeat.

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-Mezzo-4994d ago

There is absolutely no way to stop them. :P

SactoGamer4993d ago

Good lord. Sometimes they act like their entire leg has been shattered because somebody breathed on them. Goodness sake, it's one of my few complaints about soccer.

Not even the NBA is this bad.

polarbear4993d ago (Edited 4993d ago )

The least some of the divers could do is keep it going for a little longer than the call
It gets annoying when the second the foul is called, they jump right up like nothing happened