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Donovan's late goal secures America's victory over Algeria

With less than three minutes to play in additional time, American striker Landon Donovan scores a Hollywood-style goal as Team USA defeats Algeria 1-0. With the win, the Americans top Group C and move on along with England to the field of 16.

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FootballZilla4994d ago

Cmon Us.

By far the most passionate team at the world cup.

SactoGamer4994d ago

I was on the couch watching the game while my wife was getting ready for work. She heard me cry out when USA missed that easy goal near the end of the first half and she thought something horrible had happened to me. It's not just the players who are passionate about things this year.

With all the excitement I've been getting from the Cup this year, I might make the 1½-hour trip to San José to see a Quakes game next MLS season.

njc4994d ago

Nice! Nice to hear that it's not only the players who are passionate... Good luck with the rest of the WC

-Mezzo-4994d ago (Edited 4994d ago )

Great Game Played By USA, I'm actually rooting for them to some extinct.