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Slovenia - England 0-1: Highlights WC 2010 South Africa 23.06.10

0-1 Defoe 23'

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Maradona4439d ago

good for England. I guess they can reach quarter, not longer

BjornarO4439d ago

hope they can play better and score some more goals. this is not good enough

njc4439d ago

They have to improve if they want to reach quarter. So far they haven't proved anything.

-Mezzo-4439d ago

Great, i knew they will make it through this round, but the over all England performance has been disappointing they have to step their game up, if they want to see themselves in Quarter Finals.

polarbear4439d ago

Glad they managed to get it together somewhat for this match, but I don't think they'll be able to do much in the next round or beyond

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