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Bill Clinton's face: proof football has arrived in U.S.

Yahoo Sports: Former President William Jefferson Clinton was on hand to witness the USA beat Algeria 1-0 today, but that's not why we know soccer has arrived in America. It's Clinton's face. Just look at it. Look at how red with stress it is. Look at his lower lip, chewed up like a bit of gristle on the end of a nice, Southern barbecued steak.

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-Mezzo-5042d ago

LOL, he seems so tensed, Soccer is going to be the Next big thing in USA.

SactoGamer5042d ago

It's officially soccer in the US, Canada and Guam. Until that changes like it did a few years back in Australia, we'll keep calling it as such.

-Mezzo-5041d ago

Well i think we should start Calling each sports by it true name, Like lets call Madden Handball instead of Football, which we all know it's clearly not.

karim5041d ago

I hate it when they call football "soccer" !

-Mezzo-5041d ago

Agreed, since all of my friends are mostly from US & call it Soccer i have adopted the same habit.

Though i am trying to get rid of it.

Hockey115040d ago

I only have to say it so people don't get confused otherwise I would say football.

RED_HEAD_RYAN5037d ago

deal with it. soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer

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