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The Day U.S. Soccer Fans Waited a Lifetime For

Will bunch from Huffingtonpost: I was a late-life American convert to soccer. I always liked the world game -- even went to Giants Stadium (back when it was considered "futuristic") in 1977 to watch Pele & Co. play for the Cosmos when that was a short-lived fad. But it wasn't until 1994 -- with a crying baby, a second one on the way, and a long commute, when I was completely couch-bound after 8 p.m., and the World Cup was here in the United States and in primetime -- that I became the hopeless addict that I am today. I was already familiar with the peculiar and lonely plight of the U.S. fan, though.

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-Mezzo-5077d ago

Interesting Article, Though i don't think they waited for anything, they just got interested in the game recently.

polarbear5077d ago (Edited 5077d ago )

Most Americans only really got interested when we started doing good or when they found out we might top our group
Just like their reactions to sports teams, when they do good they love them, when they do bad they ignore them