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Donovan’s dramatic goal will bring him riches

Yahoo Sports: Landon Donovan’s career will never be same after his dream World Cup goal – and neither will his bank balance.

Donovan’s memories of his injury-time goal against Algeria that kept the United States in the tournament are priceless. But there is also a very tangible side effect to that unforgettable moment, both to the midfielder’s wealth and his future prospects.

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-Mezzo-5076d ago

Of-course, he will get the cash now.

BjornarO5076d ago

Isnt he already rich? I has been scoring a long time for LA Galaxy.

Cat5075d ago (Edited 5075d ago )

I don't imagine he's hard up for cash...I guess they mean "will bring him *more* riches"! (though the MLS doesn't pay well compared to, say, Europe)

polarbear5075d ago

He's really going to be getting a lot of attention with his work during this Cup