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Why Americans Aren't Allowed to Be Soccer Fans

Esquire: So, I have undertaken to instruct the Americans about the World Cup. Not an easy task — it's like asking someone to explain breathing.

The most unbearable thing about watching the games over here in the United States is all these non-fans who think they need to tell you how boring soccer is.

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-Mezzo-3568d ago

Lol, i agree this bugs be as well.

polarbear3567d ago

That's how everyone from every country is
They always suddenly like teams that do good and get into sports they don't care about when their country does good

Cat3567d ago

as a football/soccer fan, I hope that in a generation's time the sport is as popular in America as it is in the rest of the world. That enthusiasm has to start somewhere, and maybe this World Cup did the trick!

-Mezzo-3567d ago

I agree, this World Cup certainly brought the game to the Americans attention.

Harry1903567d ago

They can call it soccer, but it's football.

RED_HEAD_RYAN3565d ago

This world cup really brought the passion here. It's almost like day and night. Believe me lol